After months of research and design development, a brand was launched that represents the core values of the company. Together with the new logo, the personality of the company is communicated in the right way to the right target group(s).

The website is characterized by its many features, user-friendliness and playful styling. In addition, we have connected the recruitment software to the site with a custom API link. The site also features many custom templates for PCN’s podcast, magazine, blog, and the many events they host.

If you are interested in Payments & FinTech, SaaS, eCommerce or Cyber Security: is the source for the latest news, jobs and information in this industry.


P for Pulse

“To deliver a top service, it means you have to be on the pulse of the industry.”

Keep track of the ups and downs in your industry to stay ahead of the pack.

C for Curve

“When things don’t go to plan, you may have to re-evaluate and try again from a different angle.”

PCN is not afraid to turn and go in a different direction. Being flexible and malleable in communication means that you always learn from experiences you gain.

N for nodes

“The literal definition of node is a point in a network at which lines or pathways intersect or branch, and when we build connections this is something we rely on to succeed.”

The connections we make take time and also last a long time, because sooner or later these connections will interact. PCN is focused on meaningful relationships that help everyone move forward.

When Payments and Cards Network started, the company was young and opportunistic. The company originated from a Linkedin group, started in 2007 (it was a big thing at the time), then expanded in 2012, after which it really took off for Payments & Cards Network.

Over the past 8 years, Payments and Cards Network has developed into an established name in the recruitment industry. With offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin and Singapore, the company has grown into an important player that has definitively outgrown its initial phase as a company. We have implemented the entire rebrand in the website that you can view below.