Are you aware of the various factors that can help you reach as many potential customers as possible for your website or webshop? Are you already using various options to drive more traffic to your website, such as search engine optimization? Then we can tell you that you are already on the right track. Yet you are not finished though. In this article we are going to introduce you to a particularly interesting form of (online) marketing, namely “neuromarketing”. By applying neuromarketing website design correctly, you will experience that an impressive online added value can be realized for your company.

What exactly is neuromarketing website design?

Simply put, neuromarketing is a technique that examines how the brain responds to certain stimuli. The goal of neuromarketing is to ultimately influence the decision-making process of consumers. Specifically in web design, this is of uttermost importance. For example, it is increasingly the case today that neuromarketing website design is used to increase the conversion rate, like more sales in your webshop.

The use of neuromarketing can be done in many different ways. Think a little bigger than possibilities to increase the average order value in your webshop. For example, neuromarketing can also be used to prevent customers from dropping out during the ordering process. Therefore, applying neuromarketing in the right way can ensure that you will achieve a structural advantage with your online business in both the short and long term.

Optimizing conversion is critical

Today we still see a lot of parties who do not choose to apply conversion optimization and neuromarketing website design to their webshop or website. It is mainly the larger players such as Coolblue and who started this years ago. By applying certain strategies from psychology in their marketing campaigns, these parties ensured that their conversion rate could be increased by a few percent. This may not seem impressive at first sight, but it quickly saves several million in turnover for such parties. However, is conversion optimization also important for the smaller web shops or websites? We can be very clear about this, certainly!

Disabling thresholds for visitors

The mindset of consumers today is a lot different than roughly 20 years ago. Even in the past 10 years, much has changed in the mindset of consumers. Buying a product online or taking out a particular service has become the most normal thing in the world today. Still, you have to take into account that potential customers can still face certain barriers. To guarantee an optimal conversion it is crucial to minimize these thresholds. For existing websites and webshops it is important to take into account that conversion optimization is an ongoing process that you are never really done with. Optimizing the conversion and neuromarketing website design are always done by taking into account the following points:

  • Analyzes that are performed;
  • Insights provided;
  • The paths to be followed by visitors;
  • So-called “best practices”;
  • Heatmaps;

Do you also believe that the number of conversions in your webshop or website can be improved? In that case, the tips below can certainly help you with that.

Avoiding mental exhaustion

In the first instance it is of great importance to properly analyze the decision process that visitors walk through on your webshop or website. During different phases of this process, it is possible that “mental exhaustion” can arise in your website’s visitors. When the so-called “workload” becomes too high, it is possible that there is confusion in the decision making of your potential customers. This may cause them to drop out. This is of course painful, because the most difficult work, namely getting potential customers to your website or webshop and convincing them to purchase something from you, has already been done. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent mental exhaustion in several ways, namely:

Limit the number of choices to be made

Mental exhaustion can already occur the moment potential customers end up on the homepage of your webshop or website. When a huge amount of categories or menu items can be found there, your website visitors quickly lose the overview. Merging categories and creating subcategories can significantly limit the number of choices to be made. This may require an extra click, but in practice this does not outweigh the risk of mental exhaustion.

Create clarity

Have you chosen to divide the many products that are part of the range in your online store into categories and subcategories? Then it is important to create a sense of recognition. This can be done very easily by, for example, placing an icon for each category. This way you can prevent your customers from having to search for the right part for too long.

Keep it simple!

When your customers are urged to fill in an order or contact form, it is important to avoid negative emotions. Preventing negative emotions through neuromarketing website design is only possible if you keep the design of your webshop or website as simple as possible. For example, make sure that forms to be completed are no longer than necessary. In addition, try to find an optimal balance between the information that your company really needs and the effort that customers have to make to provide you with this information. It can also be worthwhile to help customers by having some data filled in automatically (for example, address details based on the postcode).

Pay attention to the look and feel of the ordering process. Make sure the purchasing process doesn’t become a boring intention. For example, have an image of the chosen product scroll along. In this way, the customer is reminded during the entire ordering process of the fantastic product that he or she will receive after completing the order. Moreover, in this way a bit more dynamics are implemented in the website.

Creating positive emotions

Looking at the neuromarketing website design studies that have taken place over the years, we have to conclude that neuromarketing has two specific work traps. These are the following work surfaces:

  • Anticipating things that can create negative associations;
  • Using tactics that bring up positive emotions;

An important part of neuromarketing is “social influence”. Social influence is actually as old as marketing itself. The importance of word of mouth can still not be underestimated. Only the way in which word of mouth is presented today has changed. Would you also like to know how you can best create positive emotions on your website or webshop? This is possible with the following tips:

Choose to display customer reviews on your online business website. This can be reviews from, for example, Google Business, but also from one or more social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Quotes from satisfied customers can really work wonders. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

Try to integrate “customer cases” into your website. A short quote can indeed generate a positive emotion, but placing a complete customer case in story form can just add extra value.

Processing figures in the website or webshop can always pay off. For example, make clear how many customers your company has already helped, how many products have already been sold, etc. Figures have the unique effect of convincing people time and time again.

Respond to the popularity of a particular product or service. Many webshops nowadays use a “bestseller” category. This helps because people like security and like it when a large group of people have already ordered this product in the past. This gives a kind of confidence.

Are you not quite sure yourself?

Despite using the tips above, you still can’t figure it out? No problem, Webfluencer is a professional party that helps with the conversion optimization of your website, using neuromarketing website design and all other kinds of marketing and design techniques. For questions or more information it of course is always possible to contact us. Ask your questions by telephone, or email. We are happy to assist you.