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When Payments and Cards Network started, the business was young and opportunistic. The company began life as a Linkedin group in 2007 (was a big thing back then), then refined in 2012 and Payments & Cards Network truly began. 

For the last 8 years Payments and Cards network has flourished into a staple name in the industry with offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Singapore. All these changes and developments have meant that Payments and Cards Network has outgrown its early appearance and manifesto. 


A much needed rebrand

After months of research and design development a brand was created that really spoke truly about them, together with a new logo that has the character that they want to showcase.

The website caraterizes itself through its many features, unique, new brand identity and playful styling. Not only did we make a custom job board API connection with their recruitment software, the site also has lots of custom content templates for their podcast, magazine, blog and many events. If you are into either Payments & FinTech, SaaS, eCommerce or Cyber Security: should be your go-to source for the latest news and information in the industry.

P for Pulse

To deliver a top service, it means you have to be on the pulse of the industry. Continue monitoring the ups and downs to keep you and your clients ahead of the rest.

C for Curve

When things don’t go to plan, you may have to re-evaluate and try again from a different angle. PCN isn’t afraid to turn, and move into a different direction. Being flexible and malleable in communication means that you’re always learning from experiences you go through.

N for nodes

The literal definition of node is a point in a network at which lines or pathways intersect or branch, and when we build connections this is something we rely on to succeed. The connections that we make take time and also last a long time. Because sooner or later these connections will interact. We are focused on meaningful relationships that take everyone forward.
One of our top priorities with the design of this website was to communicate the new brand identity thoroughly. Another priority at the base of this project was scalability. We created multiple smoothly working custom content templates and a secure job board API connection to make sure we guarantee our client greater freedom and satisfy them with a future proof website.


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