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Digital Source case

At Digital Source, we’re focused on building transparent relationships between candidates, roles and employers. How can we help you?

A recruitment website designed by users for users

Digital Source helps businesses find the perfect fit candidate for their company, connect people with their dream jobs within the worlds of Data, Tech and Engineering and create, communicate and share ideas at quarterly events such as Data_Cult.

We created a fresh, new, custom website with multiple high-end functionalities, built for scaling. A high-profile blog + custom job board is what makes this website so special.


The first thing you will see when entering the website is the custom job board we made. Together with advanced filtering options, this job board does the trick for sure. 

But not only the filtering options are what makes this job board so special. We programmed advanced SEO features into the jobboard called Google’s rich snippets. This is a special code that Google pulls from vacancies online in order to show them on the search engine results page. The code is automatically generated by the application every time a new job is posted.

In collaboration with Digital Source we implemented their completely new branding on the website. The design is very recognizable for it’s flashy color scheme, playful, informal imagery and  strong character.


Work Sans








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