We Are Amsterdam



We Are Amsterdam is a tourism giant in our beloved capital. Annually, tours are booked for more than 30,000 people via their Webfluencer-built platform.

We designed, built and then scaled the entire platform

A giant in the field of tourism

More than 5000 visitors come to the site via the widely read We Are Amsterdam blog. We built the blog with the latest technology from Google called AMP. By properly applying this new technology, an incredibly high website speed can be achieved.

The advantage of building a website with Google AMP is that speed is one of the most crucial factors for Google in the rankings of your website. In this way you are ahead of all your competitors and you will achieve that famous number 1 spot in Google sooner.

The platform is characterized by its playful branding and accessible structure. It is very simple to book your favorite activities via the live booking software.

Partly due to our smart SEO techniques, the traffic to the WAA website has multiplied.