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Gekeurde tweedehands auto’s

A car marketplace where scamming is out of the question has been founded to create more transparancy in the purchase process of a car and to counteract fraud. Without the right knowledge, it can be difficult to buy a second hand car. Scammers know this and they take advantage of this by asking too high prices. On there are no scammers. You get supported with your purchase and you know exactly where you stand.

All occasions on have been approved on 40 points by their reviewers. gives out a technical report with all the pros and cons of the car. You see that a car is reviewed by the Carsouk quality brand. For a small fee it is possible to appoint a mediator that will negotiate with the seller. That gives peace of mind and you know you won’t pay too much.

The Carsouk-website is equipped with a couple of very unique functionalities. Because of Carsouk’s innovative businessmodel we had to develop custom functionalities with special features.

We executed an extensive SEO-analysis and we have been able to get a number 1 spot with a couple of widely used generic searching words. We have also been able to get multiple rich-snippets on Google. It is very difficult for relatively new companies to reach this, but we succeeded in only a couple of months.




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Visual Language

The official website which shows the work of one of the most iconic popstars / artists in the Netherlands.

Website design for MARTINI Fiero's card game ASK YOUR FRIENDS.

De Meergronden is the biggest high school in Almere. We have built and optimised their new website.

A recruitment website designed for ease of use. Digital Source helps businesses find the perfect candidate for their company and connect people with their dream jobs within the worlds of Data, Tech and Engineering.

Website design for one of the biggest, most luxurious boat rental companies in the Netherlands.

The website for Amsterdam's biggest tourism community.

Website design for a leading, multinational recruitment agency.

E-commerce experience for Aquablu, a water purification company with the goal to give everyone access to clean drinking water.

Burger Bistro is a unique burger restaurant with a story. Their website is a beautiful extension of the physical location.

Sustainability and fashion, two main characteristics that Dom Amsterdam uses in their brand, and that liked to see back in their new webshop, that we have designed and built.