It is the content that forms the basis for positioning in the search engines. Without content, don’t think about ranking in Google. So, it is an understatement to say that it is important to write the content for the readers and the search engines. The most important is ultimately the reader, because Google searches for the best result for the searcher. It is not for nothing that the time that someone stays on a site. It is part of Google’s algorithm to determine search engine positions. How can you best write the text to get a top position in Google? We are happy to share our tips.

  1. Key word research

It is smart to start with an exploratory study. Which words have high search volumes? Which assessments have little competition and therefore offer opportunities to score quickly? And what are the best searches for the target audience. Incorporate the correct scores into the texts and content in order to score in Google.

  1. Do not forget the internal links

Also include links in the content to other blogs and content within your own website. By ensuring a good internal link structure there is a reinforcement of the important pages. It helps to push them to a higher place.

  1. Be unique

It is important not to create or use duplicate content. Do something different and only write unique content. It is smart to check externally purchased content for this. At Webfluencer we generally use a tool from for this. Here you will see a percentage of plagiarism and if there is any plagiarism you will immediately see where the content comes from.

  1. Take account of the search elements into a text

In a text, the title, paragraph headings, how often a keyword is displayed and the internal links are important. Make sure you have the right balance. Also provide a strong meta tag and meta description to get higher positions.

  1. Site speed

Host the website with a fast web host and also ensure a good experience for the website visitor. A website that loads quickly keeps the visitor and also ensures better conversion. It is a must, especially for a webshop. Read some tips about this on

  1. More links to your site

Build more links to your site continuously. Outperform the competitor in number and quality. The trick is to get a strong link every month. This way you can improve your domain authority. Especially at the better-known websites and webshops you will appreciate how high it is. You can also choose to outsource link building. Companies that specialize in this may be worth looking in to.

  1. Continuous fine-tuning

It is important to keep the results good. Are the positions suddenly shifting too fast? Why is it going well? What could be better? Where are there new opportunities to score? Can you refine? Then it is also a matter to do this immediately. This way you don’t miss out on positions, visitors and therefore customers. Do you really want to do this well? Contact us and let’s talk how we can help you end up higher in Google.