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Sustainability and fashion, two main attributes that Dom Amsterdam promote in their brand, and wanted reflected in their new webshop

The Process

Fase #1


After agreeing on the project criteria, we headed right away to the drawing board. Beforehand was discussed exactly what the elements were that Dom Amsterdam wanted on the website, and the priority of these elements. Afterwards we have drawn these out and delivered the so called wireframe of the new website. The wireframe shows the UX of the website, and displays exactly in what order your website will be displayed. 

Fase #2


When the wireframe was accepted, we started the design process. The sketches in the wireframe will be replaced by custom images, icons, texts and so on. The Design literally is the way your website will look: An interactive display of your new website. To really satisfy your needs, any feedback on the design will be allowed, and implemented afterwards. We will work together on something that you are happy about in the end.

Fase #3


Code, Code, Code. Depending on the design, the new website will be programmed before you know it. There is no way back now. We only use the latest, most reliable stacks to create your custom website.

During this period you can already fill in the website’s content, speeding up the delivery process. 

Fase #4

Go-live website

Once the development process of the website was finished, its time to go live! The last things to do is live-testing te website, speed optimization and security. One of the reasons that the websites we produce end up high in Google is because of their lightning fast speed. For having this kind of speed we will host the website on one of our private servers, and add a reliable CDN. The website will be faster and more secure than ever! Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the new website, and let our marketing experts do the remaining work for you.