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A car marketplace where scamming is out of the question was founded to create more transparency and to combat fraud in the purchase process of your car. Without the right knowledge, buying a used car can be difficult. Scammers take advantage of this and charge unreasonable prices. Carsouk offers a solution for this. There are no scammers on You will be helped with your purchase and know exactly where you stand.

All occasions on have been screened for 40 points and assessed by one of their inspectors. In the technical report that is drawn up you can therefore see all the pluses and minuses of a car. You can recognize the inspected cars by the carsouk quality mark with number. They also offer the option of inviting an advisor to negotiate with the seller at a low price. You will then know exactly what you are buying and that you are not paying too much.

The Carsouk website is equipped with some very unique functionalities. Because of their innovative business model, custom functionalities with special features had to be developed.

We did an extensive seo analysis and managed not only to get the #1 spot on some widely used generic keywords, we got the sitemap look in Google.  It is very hard for relatively new companies to achieve this, but we managed to in just a few months.